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Govt committed to protect public sector banks - Jaitley
New Delhi - Govt is committed to protecting public sector banks by providing them their capital requirements said Finance Minister Mr Jaitley.He assures there is no need for panic over global developments keeping in mind the inherent strength of Indian economy.The govt is considering more steps to empower banks to recover bad loans.Mr Jaitley also said that the major sell-off in global markets has created a chain reaction impacting Indian equities.

Reserve Bank of India announces liquidity measures for March 2016


New Delhi - RBI release said it will inject adequate additional liquidity using a combination of appropriate instruments while continuing with its normal liquidity adjustment facility operations. The apex bank said this while announcing the liquidity measures for March 2016.This will be done with a view to addressing the expected tightening of liquidity conditions next month on account of advance tax payments by corporate and in order to provide flexibility to the banking system in its liquidity management towards March-end 2016 said Reserve Bank of India.

Sensex at Bombay Stock Exchange crashes 807 points to close below 23k mark


Mumbai - Bombay Stock Exchange  Sensex sank a mammoth 807 points, or 3.4 percent, to 22,952. This is the biggest single-day fall of the Sensex in six months, and also a 21-month closing low. The Nifty at the National Stock Exchange tumbled 239 points, to 6,976.The domestic stock markets were battered down, in line with continued turmoil in the global bourses.

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