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Petrol price 70 paise per litre cheaper


Price of petrol has been cut by 70 paise per litre excluding VAT. Now, for the petrol, consumer will have to pay 71 rupees and 41 paise a litre in Delhi, 79 rupees and 25 paise in Kolkata, 80 rupees in Mumbai and 74 rupees and 60 paise in Chennai. In a statement, Indian Oil Corporation said, the continued appreciation of the rupee has resulted in reduction in petrol prices...

Modi and Kejriwal are 'most-followed' Indian politician on Twitter
BJP's Prime Minister candidate Mr Narendra Modi remains the 'most-followed' Indian politician on Twitter by a wide margin of over 15 lakh followers, but it's AAP leader Mr Arvind Kejriwal who has gained the most with about 6.3 lakh new followers in just over last three months.With Twitter emerging as a major campaign-ground for the first time for Lok Sabha elections, all major parties and leaders are using this platform and other social networks to reach out to the people, especially the young population which is present on these online...
Narendra Modi favours few industrialists: Rahul Gandhi
In a interview with a news channel telecast,attacking  the Gujarat model of development, Rahul Gandhi  accused Narendra Modi of favouring a few industrialists, one of whom has grown from a turnover of Rs 3,000 crore to Rs 40,000 crore.During the interview  Rahul did not name any industrial house in this regard but has recent days been attacking the Adani group perceived close to the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate... 
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