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Situation in Greece has no direct impact on India
New Delhi-According to Indian  finance secretary Mr Rajiv Mehrishi, the situation in Greece has no direct impact on India, but there may be some indirect effect via Europe on capital inflows and outflows here.Indian CEA Mr Arvind Subramanian said that India is responding to the Greek crisis in line with other global economies. He said that so far, there is no cause of worry on Greece development..
I am not fugitive, there is no case pending in any court in India against me - Lali Modi


 Mr Lalit Modi former Indian premier league commissioner  said that how can he be called a fugitive when there is no case pending in any Indian court  against him. Mr Modi has challenged the enforcement directorate of India to produce evidence against him.Modi gave an interview to a private news channel,He said, he had given ED all the papers which led them to make case against the Board of Control for Cricket in India.


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