For the convenience of voters in Delhi, an agreement has been signed with a bike taxi company which will provide free travel to voters from polling stations to their homes.
The Chief Election Officer highlighted a significant increase of 6.19% (1,52,01,936) in the number of male (82,12,794) and female (69,87,914) voters in Delhi, alongside a notable surge in first-time voters, with 2,52,038 new voters added, marking the highest figure in the past five years.

Moreover, there has been a commendable improvement in the gender ratio, witnessing 33-point increase from 818 to 851 within the last five years. Efforts to include transgender and third-gender voters have been fruitful, with the voter count rising from 669 to 1228 since the last general election.

With a total of 8,000 volunteers, arrangements have been made for pick-up and drop-off facilities for differently-abled and senior citizen voters, and there will be 3500 wheelchairs at the polling stations to facilitate their participation in the electoral process.