Why the name Jhumri Talaiya often used in Bollywood films?

You must be aware that at one time Jhumri Talaiya had the largest number of radio sets in the country. All India Radio and Radio Ceylon received requests for songs every day. This once small and beautiful town gained popularity

Music lovers can never forget Amin Sayani, Binaka Geet Mala and Jhumri Talaiya.

Indian music lovers can never forget the names of Amin Sayani and Binaka Geet Mala. There was a time when everyone used to eagerly wait for Geetmala near the radio on Wednesday night at 8 pm. Circulated, found its way

Yoga is the second most popular fitness exercise in the world today

Doing yoga has become increasingly popular in the United States as well as throughout the world due to its physical and mental health benefits. In fact it is the second most popular exercise in America, especially among women. The ancient

MakeMyTrip expands services to over 150 countries

Online travel company MakeMyTrip (MMT) services are now available across the world. Previously operational in India, the USA, and the UAE, MakeMyTrip is now available in 150 countries, including major travel markets like the UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, and France

HDFC Bank and LIC India’s biggest beneficiaries of emerging companies

The market valuation of four of India’s top 10 valued companies, including HDFC Bank, has increased by more than ₹171 lakh crore. Apart from HDFC Bank, LIC has also emerged as the biggest beneficiary. Also, 6 companies among the top