(By Deepak Saxena) Saravana Bhavan helped turn idli, dosa, vada and coffee into stand-ins for South Indian cuisine for Indians around the world, and these simple dishes and drinks have been successful in satisfying homesickness .
By the 1990s, the Saravana Bhavan chain spread across all areas of Chennai. In 2000, Saravana Bhavan opened its first branch outside India in Dubai, with a large number of Indian expatriates. It eventually expanded to several major cities, including Paris, Frankfurt, London, New York City, Dallas, Toronto, Stockholm, Doha, and Auckland. Saravana Bhawan has become a special attraction for vegetarian people in Paris. Its manager Mr. Barak works hard day and night to provide best Indian vegetarin food in Paris . He wants to establish his branches in many cities of Europe. While the restaurants have gained popularity among non-Indians, they mostly target the South Asian expatriate population. These are sometimes referred to as “canteen-like joints”, aimed solely at giving Indian expatriates a taste of home. Saravana Bhavan sends employees from India and the US to work in its overseas branches. Most overseas outlets are run by franchisees.

This famous South Indian restaurant chain from Saravana Bhavan currently serves food in many countries around the world. The board of Sarwana Bhawan is now visible in many countries like Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Oman, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Singapore, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Qatar, Hong Kong, Thailand, Netherlands and Sweden etc