Agra – About 8,000 people of the Baluchi ethnic group lived in Bilochpure. The ancestors of these Baluchi people were from Balochistan. Bilochpure has been honored with the name of Kranti Gram by the Government of India. Its residents fought in the army of the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. The people of this place were employed as artillerymen in the army of Mughal emperor Babur during the first battle of Panipat in 1526. The Baluchis decided to settle in this area, which was named after their homeland. These people were very much in love with the luxurious landscape of the Ganga plains, that is why they decided to settle on the banks of the Yamuna. In 2018, Baloch separatist leader Majdak Dilshad Baloch visited Bilochpura with his wife, to garner support from Baloch Indian residents of the village. There is also a railway station here.