Agra – From Mangleshwar Temple, you can head to other attractive places of tourist interest, which include both historical sites and religious places. According to the literature, this temple was built at the end of the Mughal reign. There is no evidence that Aurangzeb built it or that the Hindu kings, who controlled the Mughal territory in parts towards the end of the reign, built the temple. The exact year and name of the king under whom the temple was built is not known. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
The world famous city of Agra is full of many religious places. The special thing about the holy places here is that they were established to cater to every religion and sect. It has prestigious temples for the Hindus, mosques for the Muslim community, Gurdwaras for the Sikhs. The religious places of Agra have historical importance in some form or the other. One of the temples is the ancient Mangleshwar temple of Agra. The ancient Mangleshwar Temple of Agra is a very famous tourist attraction. Like other holy places, this temple also has religious and architectural significance. Every year a crowd of thousands of devotees can be seen. It is located in the Gokalpura area towards the west of the Agra city centre.