Agra – Situated in Gokulpura, a neighborhood famous for marble handicrafts, heritage haveli Sujan, a 150-year-old , takes you through the history of Agra. The traditional architecture of this haveli gives you a glimpse of the bygone era. This haveli converted into a tourist residence still retaining its original structure, colossal ceilings and its regal grandeur, has been revamped with modern amenities for a experience in a different atmosphere of Agra especially for foreign visitors. Haveli Sujan, located in the heart of the city, is located 3 km from Raja Ki Mandi Railway Station.Looking out the window of the haveli, you will get a glimpse of the bustling and old stone market of Gokulpure. Foreign visitors love to stay here to experience the narrow winding lanes of Gokulpura. This 150 years old ancestral haveli gives you an opportunity to connect with the history of Agra.