(Rajeev Saxena) Agra – There is good news for the youth and entrepreneurs of Agra who want to start small enterprises and startup units related to information technology. The construction of STPI center being built for Agra by Software Technology Park of India has been completed. Action has also been started towards the formal inauguration of the centre. Initiative has been taken by STPI for consultation with the state government, industry associations, entrepreneurs, educationists etc. so that the youth and entrepreneurs of Agra can get the benefit of this project. According to STPI, the first such meeting was held in the month of November last. It is expected that youth associated with IT sector will take initiative and take advantage of the incubation facility available at the centre. Applications are being invited by STPI in this regard. A letter dated January 13, 2023 has been received from STPI New Delhi in this regard, in which information has been given to this effect.