Dholpur – Known for its stone quarries and its bandit-infested ruins, Dholpur has been a major supplier of Rajputana’s famous red sandstone. The famous red sandstone of Dholpur, located 55 km from Agra, was used to build many palaces and important structures over the centuries. Delhi Fort was built with red sandstone from Dholpur, which gave the fort its name. When designing the new capital, Lutyens also decided to use red sandstone, perhaps for the sake of continuity but also because of the high quality of the stones from the Dholpur quarries.
Dholpur is a quiet town famous for its antiquity and ancient history. The Dholpur region used to be a princely state till the independence of India. The most interesting fact is that at that time it was called Dhawalpuri. Being situated between Agra and Gwalior, this historical city most important desired by many empires has also witnessed many bloody battles over a period of time. In the historical story of Dholpur, many mysteries of origin and chronology are hidden.