Agra – The heritage railway stations of Agra stand testimony to the rich cultural heritage of the country. Most of the railway stations in Taj City, built during the British era, are not only functional buildings but also tourist destinations in their own right. They are not only beautiful but also have a long history behind them. Agra Cantonment railway station was originally built in 1875 as part of the Delhi-Agra railway line. It is one of the oldest railway stations in India.
The Agra City Railway Station built in 1903 in the center of the city is a very important and attractive building. Being in the Old City of Agra, this station catered to the commercial needs of the city. There was a time when over bridges were not made to go from one platform to another and there is an underpass for this at Agra City Railway Station. This underpass can be further developed as a tourist attraction by lighting it.
There is a continuing demand from the people of Agra to renovate the station built in 1903 to enhance its heritage value, develop it into a tourist attraction and set up a railway museum.
The Agra Fort Railway Station was built during the colonial period. This station is also one of the oldest railway stations in India. Earlier there used to be narrow gauge and broad gauge, but now it is a completely broad gauge railway station. Idgah Railway Station is an important part of Agra’s railway history. Here the Rajputana State Railway’s 1,000 mm (3 ft 3⁄8 in)-wide metre-gauge Delhi-Bandikui and Bandikui-Agra lines started in 1874.