Agra – Once upon a time the tradition of Tesu and Jhanjhi was visible in the streets in Agra. There was a time when during the arrival of autumn, boys and girls used to go door to door in the street mohallas of Agra and sing Tesu and Jhanjhi songs, but this practice has now come to an end.
You must have also heard about the folk tradition of Brij bhoomi of marriage of Tesu and Jhanjhi. This popular and wonderful tradition gives a different identity to Brijbhoomi. Changes came with time, now this old tradition has almost ended. But still in the Dibiyapur town of Auraiya, the tradition of celebrating Tesu Jhanjhi’s marriage continues from house to house. It is said that all the rituals are still performed in the marriage of Tesu Jhanjhi here in Dibiyapur. The wedding card is also printed accordingly. Tesu’s procession also revolves around the town with hawks. The baraatis reach Jhanjhi’s house dancing with the music. Saree rituals of marriage are performed, Tesu’s welcome with door, foot worship of cymbals, Kanyadaan etc. The processions are also given a lot of feasts. Earlier in the village, small children and girls used to come out from house to house with tesu and sing songs and ask for donations, but now this practice has become very less. It is a matter of lotus that there is also a Tesu Jhanjhi committee. This committee chooses two families Tesu and Jhanjhi family every year. In some areas, on the day of Sharad Purnima, large scale events are still going on as before. Events are held everywhere, in villages and towns. Chariots, cars and tractors are also used during the procession. People here also believe that if there is a problem in the marriage of a boy, then get Jhanjhi married for three years, if there is a problem in the marriage of the girl, then get Tesu married.