Agra – When any tourist of the world wants to visit India, the Taj Mahal of Agra is at number one in his list. The city of Agra is not only important for tourists but also for the Government of India, as the government receives regular good revenue through the Taj Mahal. But most of the tourists believe that Agra city is not tourist friendly. For this reason, many tourists stay in Agra for only one day. After visitin the Taj Mahal, tourist wants to return to Delhi the same day. Due to the paucity of time time, one day visiters immediately rush towards the Taj Mahal as soon as they land in Agra.

Most of the tourists buy Taj Mahal entry tickets online before coming to Agra. But those who are unable to buy tickets online for some reason have to waste big time in line at the window. There are many reasons for not buying tickets online, like not having a smart phone, difficulty in using credit or debit cards in India by tourists coming from abroad, many tourists and their families come from rural areas, they do not know the app to buy tickets online or not much knowledge about this, sometimes reasons like web link, Wi-Fi or local server not working properly etc are involved. For such a situation ‘Second Option’ is required to purchase the ticket. People say that the facility of buying Taj Mahal entry ticket should be also at the main railway stations of Agra as a second option to save their valuable time. Even in developed countries where internet is everywhere, another option to buy such entry tickets remains available at railway and metro stations.