Lucknow – Organizing a wedding in India is a very expensive task. People are still not able to get out of the circle of this pretense. People from poor families in particular are the main victims of this show-off practice. It is often seen that the father of the daughter takes loan for marriage, even sells his property, house and jewelery to arrange money. But the government scheme to marry poor girls with suitable boys, started by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, is gaining momentum because in the last five and a half years under the Chief Minister’s mass marriage scheme, about two lakh couples have been married under this scheme. So far, 21,025 people belonging to minority communities, 60,875 of other backward classes, 10,129 of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, 7,858 of general category have been benefited under this scheme. Under this scheme of the state government, Rs 51,000 is spent per wedding, out of which Rs 35,000 is spent in the girl’s account, Rs 10,000 on items and Rs 6,000 on events.