Mathura – A large number of widows living in Mathura’s ashrams celebrated Diwali on the banks of the Yamuna river in the holy city of Vrindavan on Friday, breaking age-old taboos. It is said that in the age-old Hindu society, widows were not allowed to participate in any auspicious functions and rituals. But now the widows living in Mathura succeeded in breaking this age-old tradition. During this festival, about a hundred widows living in shelter homes of Mathura celebrated the festival of lights with gaiety by lighting colorful diyas at the historic Kesi Ghat. This Diwali festival was organized with the initiative of Sulabh International Sanstha. It is said that the number of widows of West Bengal is very high in Mathura. These widowed women have been living in Vrindavan for decades and have been allowed to participate in the rituals only with the help of social organization Sulabh International.