Agra carpets have also made their important attraction all over the world like Kashmir carpets. The Mughals gave extensive protection to the carpet industry in Agra. The first center was established by Akbar in the 16th century. Here Persian weavers were called to set up factories and educate the local weavers. It did not take long for the carpets of Agra to compete with the carpets of Kashmir. Carpets were kept in a royal carpet house. Akbar used to spend a lot of time looking at his carpets.
Later, the inmates of Agra Jail were also taught carpet weaving. The weaving done by the prisoners in the Agra Jail had become a byword for the quality.With the arrival of the East India Company, the Agra Jail Carpet gained a lot of popularity in Europe. Queen Victoria was also given a carpet of Agra Jail as a gift.