Agra – According to the book Stories from the world of Indian wedding Bands, the practice of band playing in Indian weddings began in the 19th century. Gradually the bandwagon trend gained momentum as Indian life was influenced by British traditions in all spheres. As colonization took root, many wedding practices such as printing invitation cards for receptions or even weddings became popular among Indians. Unfortunately that wedding band trend has now become very handy. The advent of professional DJs and changing preferences in music and customs has resulted in a steep decline in the profession.
The practice of band baaza still continues in Agra. The Milan Band of Agra is one of the oldest bands in the country. Which was founded by Shri Hariram Sharma. Mr. Sharma was very fond of music from the very beginning. Presently his son continues his business with new technology equipments like Digital Sound Trolley, Flower Helicopter and Flower of Flower by Tank. Milan Band also performed with Amitabh Bachchan in the film Bunty Aur Babli. This famous Agra band has also performed in Dubai at the World Music Festival.