Agra – The people of Agra, a famous tourist city of the world, have always been dreaming of seeing their city clean one day. The world is entering 2023 but it is difficult to say when this dream of the people of Agra will be fulfilled. Foreign tourists who come to see the Taj Mahal do not understand why the crown jewel of India Agra has become a hell of filth, for which the citizens and the municipal corporation leave no stone unturned to hold each other responsible. Most of the people believe that the public representatives here spend more time in cutting red ribbons of inagurations, they dont give enough time to work for the city.The people here are inactive in changing the habits of spitting anywhere and throwing household garbage in the open. Agra is a very old and densely populated city, which is very difficult to give a complete facelift, but a lot can be done like in Indore. Agra mostly depends on tourism. The city falls in western Uttar Pradesh, and most of the development in western Uttar Pradesh has happened in Noida and Ghaziabad due to the NCR region. The Bundelkhand part of UP is the worst in terms of development. Agra is also in a drought prone area. Even the ground water level has gone down a lot in recent years.