Agra – The Mughals believed that precious and semi-precious stones had different effects on the fortunes of different individuals and places. They can be auspicious or inauspicious. The semi-precious and precious stones used in the Taj Mahal were sometimes brought from distant places such as Upper Tibet, Kumaon, Jaisalmer, Cambay and Ceylon. It has been calculated and the architecture was strictly followed in the decoration of Taj Mahal. Mainly for these reasons, we see the predominance of some or the other stone in its architecture. Many marks are engraved on the red stone rocks on the paths, stairs, platforms and pavements of the Taj Mahal. Some of them are- Symbolic motifs – Swastika, Chakra, Aakoa (Hexagon), Panchkona (Pentagon), Aankh (Conch), Chetan motifs – Fish, Bird, Geometric motifs – Triangle, Square, Rectangle Floral motifs – mainly lotus flowers Leaves and petals.