Shimla – His name is Sarabjit Singh, but people lovingly call him by the name of Bobby. Neither he has any work at home nor at the shop. Sometimes he is going to drop the patients to the emergency with an ambulance and sometimes he takes the unclaimed dead bodies to the crematorium. In the evening, when people / tourists are enjoying the weather while roaming on the Mall Road, this guy is feeding the patients in the cancer hospital with khichdi langar. People wake up early in the morning and go for a walk and this Sardar is feeding biscuits to the patients. He doesn’t get peace even on Sunday, he is extracting the blood of people by setting up a blood camp on the Mall Road.
Wahguru, create such useless things in every city too. Such useless people save humanity from destruction. Such useless people do not allow the tears of the poor to drop. Anyway, nowadays there is no one who can spare some time for others. And can think about others, adopt their problems. O useless Bobby !!! Why not born in every city? There are patients in every city, no one even touches them. Even there unclaimed dead bodies remain unclaimed.