Agra – During World Heritage Week be sure to discover the hidden heritage of Agra along with visiting the Taj Mahal. Heritage is hidden in every corner here. Agra, also known as the Taj City, is a city with a rich, dramatic and glorious heritage. The specialty here is that you can feel the touch of history everywhere you walk down the streets. The local architecture is largely preserved in its original form. If you get a chance to take a heritage walk in the old city of this world famous city, this walk takes you back to the time of Mughals 400 years back with fascinating stories.
If you are a food lover, you will find mouth-watering food served at traditional style shops everywhere in the old city. While walking through the maze of old streets here, it feels as if we are surrounded by millions of people. To take a beautiful photo of the sunset during the Heritage Walk in the Old City, many such points will be found here which are not even on Google Map.