Agra : A foreign youth wrote in his experiences after spending about 7 months in Taj City Agra that Agra is one of the important tourist cities of the world but why the city is not attractive. He said that the main reason for this is that the people here do not consider cleanliness as their responsibility. Even though Agra has many tourist attractions, such as the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort. This young man was always surprised to see tons of garbage on the banks of river Yamuna. , The city is also very polluted. There are also no footpaths so it is really difficult to walk along the side of the road trying to avoid getting hit by a rickshaw. He realized that Agra is a beautiful city, but people here are rarely seen trying to take the initiative to save its beauty.
He feel that the citizens of the city do not seem to be willing to take individual initiative in this direction.