Rishi Sunak, the grandson of an Indian-origin immigrant, added a new chapter in UK history by becoming the youngest British Prime Minister in 200 years. Sunak’s age is only 42 years. He is the first non-white person to hold this position. Indian-origin Rishi Sunak’s grandparents immigrated to Britain from East Africa in the 1960s. His mother ran a local pharmacy in Southampton. He used to do medicine delivery work for his mother’s shop. He also worked as a waiter in an Indian restaurant near his home. During the last election campaign, he had said that I have reached here because of the hard work, sacrifice and love of my parents.He had a typical British elite career, studying at the prestigious universities of Oxford, England and Stanford, USA. He is married to the daughter of an Indian billionaire. Rishi Sunak, a former Goldman Sachs banker, is currently the richest politician in Britain, with an estimated net worth of £730 million.