Agra – Chini Ka Roza is considered a landmark in Indo-Persian architecture. It is the first monument in India to be specially decorated with glazed tiles. Though it is in dilapidated condition, but still its sculpture is worth seeing. This monument has beautiful blue stones architecture on one side which are completely missing on the other. No maintenance of such beautiful creations is being done. If it is not fully protected, then gradually all the blue stones will disappear. Built in 1635, the Chinese Roza Monument is located just one kilometer north of the famous Etmad-ud-Daulah on one side of the Yamuna.The name of this persian architecture monument can be seen in tourist guides around the world. It is very important to preserve it early.
This monument is the first building in India to be decorated with glazed tile work. The name of the monument is associated with the colored tiles brought from China. The monument’s balconies are another attraction in which beautiful inlay work and beautiful Chinese tiles can be seen. The delicate Pietra work can be seen in abundance in this monument. Monument’s paintings and beautiful tiles are getting damaged with time without protection.