Industrialist Mr. Ratan Tata announced an undisclosed investment in startup Goodfellow which provides support as a service to senior citizens. Shantanu Naidu, founder of Goodfellow Startup, who works as a business assistant to Mr. Ratan Tata, says that his inter-generational friendship with Mr. Tata, as well as his affection for the elderly over the years, has helped him Inspired to start this journey. Ratan Tata said that he would be very happy to develop the service of senior citizens which can innovately transform lives of people.
Elders whose children live abroad or far away have access to a sea of ​​stories and knowledge, young people with startup Goodfellows help them stay relevant and help these grandparents see the world with their own eyes We do. Helping them live their daily lives more easily through tasks around the house or outside is a product of this relationship. A good companion is one who will continue to show up with pride and loyalty along with the affection and enthusiasm of a family member.