Agra -The number of visitors to see the Taj Mahal is increasing day by day. But tourists have to struggle more and more every day to buy entry tickets. The provision of making ‘QR code’ available soon for getting tickets online at Agra Cantt Railway Station is under consideration by the Archaeological Survey of India. There was a demand from the people associated with the tourist business of Agra that tickets for monuments in Heritage City Agra should be made available at main railway stations apart from online. Due to which the guests coming from India and abroad can buy the entry tickets of the monuments as soon as they get down from the train at Agra. In view of the increasing crowd, apart from online, there should be another option to buy entry tickets for monuments like Taj Mahal etc. at Fort and Cantt Railway station of Agra, which cannot be neglected. It would be appropriate to mention here that apart from online, other such options are also available in Paris, Rome, Geneva etc.