Indian-American Geeta Rao Gupta was sworn in as the US State Department’s Ambassador at Large for Global Women’s Issues. The US Senate confirmed that Geeta Rao had won the position by a vote of 51 to 47.

She is the fourth ambassador for global women’s issues at the US State Department. Geeta Rao previously served as Senior Fellow at the United Nations Foundation and Senior Advisor to Co-Impact, a global collaborative philanthropy for systemic change. U.N. While at the Foundation, she established the 3D program for women.

Indian-origin Dr. Gupta also chairs several boards, including the Global Advisory Board of Women Lift Health, an initiative to promote women’s leadership in global health, and the World Health Center’s Independent Monitoring and Advisory Committee for Health Emergencies, UBS Has also served on the board and as an advisor to the Optimus Foundation. She also served as a commissioner of the Lancet-Sight Commission on Health, Gender Equality and Peace.