Paris: Addressing the Indian diaspora in Paris, Prime minister Narendra Modi said people-to-people ties between France and India are the strongest foundation of the partnership between the two countries.
During his address, Prime Minister Modi said that India and France are tackling many challenges of the 21st century and the strategic partnership has further grown.
Our people-to-people ties are the strongest foundation for a partnership of mutual trust between our two peoples.India and France are tackling many challenges of the 21st century. Therefore, at this critical time, the strategic partnership between our countries assumes all the more significance.
Narendra Modi described his attachment to France is very old. He said that this attachment I can never forget . About 40 years ago, a French cultural center was started in Ahmedabad and today the first member of the same center is talking to you, said Mr. Modi. He also said the Indian diaspora is admired across the world for its hard work and hardworking nature.