Agra – A team of conscious youth of Agra, known as India Rising, is determined to free the internationally renowned city of Agra from the tag of an ugly and dirty city. Dirty walls, garbage and dirty Yamuna ghats, Yamuna banks, greenery in the city are all included in the agenda of this hard working team. A few days back, India Rising has converted even the garbage dump into a selfie point. Attractive paintings were done at this place and benches were also installed to sit on. Today’s Shramdaan of the team was to decorate the boundary pots being set up for greenery on the banks of the Yamuna in Agra. The members of the India Rising team often gather at 7 in the morning and get involved in making Agra clean and beautiful. The team is made up of men and women, youth, middle-aged and teenagers. Dressed in navy blue T-shirts, the members of India Rising believe in talking less and doing more. India Rising wants to take its campaign to the streets of Agra and to every citizen and child in every household. The people of Agra mostly blame the government and the municipal corporation for the filth, but India Rising members believe in their own hands.