Agra – It has often been seen that on holidays, when Agra is sleeping, the members of the India Rising team gather at 7 in the morning and engage in making Agra clean and beautiful. The team is made up of men and women, youth, middle-aged and teenagers. Some children have even been seen participating in this group with their parents. As soon as they reach the spot, India Rising volunteers dressed in navy blue T-shirts immediately get down to work. Buckets and brushes are the main weapons of this team. The people of Agra, which is called the tourism capital of the country, mostly blame the government and the municipal corporation for the filth. On the other hand, the Municipal Corporation says that it is very difficult to clean the city without the cooperation of the citizens. But the members of the India Rising team believe far from this legend on their hands. The enthusiasm of the India Rising group has changed the face of many major landmarks of the city. The team members also took a new year pledge to make the city clean and beautiful throughout the year. This is the most important and beautiful message for Taj City. India Rising wants to take its campaign to every citizen and child in the streets and every house of Agra.