Agra : Despite the positive outlook and religious connotations, cases of human-monkey conflict are increasing. This kind of love-hate relationship has become a part of daily life in many cities. In cities like Agra and Delhi, life has become very difficult due to monkeys.
Now the relationship with monkeys is not as smooth as expected, there are many twists and turns in daily life, from companionship to conflict. Some research done in this regard believes that this provided urban food is not very good for animals. It causes hormonal imbalance, increases stress and aggression, and modifies their behavior and reproductive patterns. This can be commonly referred to as “urban wildlife syndrome”.
Experts advise that if the next time you see a monkey searching for food, do not feed it. This may be the best move you can make for yourself and wildlife.
Encroachment of wild habitats is continuously increasing due to deforestation, agriculture, loss of natural resources and urbanization. India’s urbanized blocks are gradually replacing natural habitats. Subsequently, monkeys moved away from their natural environments and made their way into human settlements. This worrying change ultimately increases the chances of conflict between humans and wildlife. Monkeys have an important place in Hindu mythology as people associate them with the monkey-God Hanuman.