Agra : If we take the name of Agra’s Bedai and Jalebi, then the name of Deviram is heard on everyone’s tongue. Deviram’s Bedai and Jalebi have been the favorite breakfast of the people of Agra for the last 73 years. Taj Mahal of Agra is famous all over the world, but the popularity of Devi Ram’s hot Bedai Jalebi is no less. This is the favorite breakfast of the residents of Agra. This shop has been serving this amazing breakfast for almost 71 years. People visiting Agra should also try it once.
Deviram Sweets was started by his father about 73 years ago. He was the one who started serving Jalebi with spicy potato curry like this. His idea became so famous that the people of Agra adopted it wholeheartedly. Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee also liked Deviram’s bedai and jalebi. With time, Deviram may have started making different types of sweets and namkeen, but for the last 71 years, Bedai and Jalebi are being served continuously here.