Let us now go on a journey to Japan to find out how one man’s passion to introduce fine Indian cuisine and establish chain of Taj Mahal restaurants in a foreign country he now calls home. Born in 1949 in a beautiful Rajasthani palace in the Pink City of Jaipur, Mr. Daniel Mansukhani decided to open his first Taj Mahal restaurant in Japan in 1982.
The Taj Mahal has had the honor of serving the Japanese Defense Forces as well as many dignitaries including the Prime Minister of India, the Ambassador of India to Japan and the Prince of Kuwait.
Mr. Mansukhani was active in his business primarily in the fashion industry, giving him considerable textile and business experience. He has always loved India and is deeply connected to its culture. But he loves to travel and learn a lot about the diverse culture of different foreign countries. Fortunately, his work required him to travel a lot. In 1972, Shri Mansukhani visited the Japanese city of Sapporo and had the opportunity to watch the Winter Olympics held there. In a short time he fell in love with the city, which was famous for its beer, ramen and snow festivals. It seems as if he was destined to fall in love with Japan. However, the pursuit of her fashion business required her to live in Germany for the next four years from 1974–1978. She then left her job in the fashion line and made restaurants her main business.
According to Mr. Daniel Mansukhani, to achieve success, you need passion and be willing to work hard to achieve your dreams.