Agra – Apart from the Taj Mahal, what is there in Agra, people often ask this question. Old havelis like Shekhawati can be seen at a distance of one and a half hours from the Taj. In this unknown village of Holipura in Agra, there are about 30 beautiful havelis owned by Chaturvedi dynasty about 300 years old. While strolling through the streets of this heritage village, you can come across many mansions made up of a combination of Indian and British architectural styles. The people of the Chaturvedi dynasty were once wealthy landowners, but gradually moved from land ownership and agriculture to government services. Some of these havelis became dilapidated over time. But in some beautiful havelis, people of 5th-6th generation of Chaturvedi dynasty still live. Some havelis are also closed whose owners have settled in Agra, Delhi and other cities.