Agra – Hungry, thirsty and shelterless monkeys have made the Taj Mahal their home. Tourists entertainment and food also free of cost. Especially foreign tourists take more photos of monkeys than the Taj Mahal. Monkeys have become a huge problem for Agra city. They have reached in the cities due to cutting trees of the surrounding forests.
How to get rid of monkeys in Agra is a difficult question in front of all of citizens of Agra. It is well known that our forest ecosystem has been badly damaged. Many fruit trees loved by monkeys have almost disappeared. Monkeys have a very fast reproductive cycle. Due to deforestation, especially in India, they are no longer rural but urban now. They migrate to cities in huge groups for food. The only solution is that the forest department can do a better job of catching them regularly in the thousands and releasing them in the dense forest. In fact, the forest is their real world, which should be given to them. Many local people have knocked on the door of the High Court regarding this problem, but no one has the solution.