Agra – The culture and heritage of Agra is centuries old. Sweet water comes in people’s mouth as soon as they take the name of Agra. Agra can also be called the Capital of Food. From beautiful monuments to being ruled by several dynasties of different castes, the city is a fine blend of different cultures and traditions visible in every street corner. This has certainly had an effect on the food and drink of the city. Despite Agra being a North Indian city, it has a great mix of many cuisines. The delicious paratha here is also a special attraction for tourists. Rambabu Paratha Bhandar started in 1930 is the place where you can enjoy variety of Parathas.
Paratha has a special place in the thali of North India. Be it breakfast or lunch, sometimes even for dinner, paratha is something that agra people cannot avoid. However, this iconic dish can be found all over India from South to North-East. Be it plain paratha or stuffed (aloo paratha most of the time), every student here has a special affinity for Parathas.