The history of Agra shoes industry is very interesting and old. Nearly every fifth pair of shoes in the world is said to be made in Agra. After the establishment of Mughal rule in India in 1526, Agra was an important center of trade apart from Delhi. However, the leather industry of Agra received a major boost during the time of Emperor Akbar. Akbar ordered his soldiers to wear shoes. Till that time the Mughal army used to fight barefoot without wearing shoes. Shoe makers workers from all over the empire were called to Agra and several thousand pairs of shoes per year began to be made. Hard-wearing leather shoes with slightly curved toes were made for the soldiers. Apart from the shoes, there were also Mughal shields made of leather for the soldiers. Even today one of the main markets for footwear in Agra is known as Hing ki Mandi, which has more than 5000 shops. A survey has shown that about 65 percent of India’s shoes are manufactured in Agra.