Agra – No one knows the exact place of birth of Dalmoth. Agra, Bareilly and Farrukhabad are the cities that are often credited with its invention. According to some food experts, the birthplace of Dalmoth was Farrukhabad, a relatively unknown city on the banks of the Ganges where Dalmoth was first made about 200 years ago. There is a grand heritage of Manohar Lal Daulat Ram Garg Dalmoth in Agra which has been feeding delicious Dalmoth since last 70 years. A food historian who has done extensive work on the cuisine of Uttar Pradesh says that Farrukhabad clearly emerged as the Dalmoth capital of Uttar Pradesh. According to the local dalmoth vendors of Farrukhabad, dalmoth was eaten in the city from 150 to 200 years ago. At that time it was made by only one or two families. But according to the records, its making started in the 1900s when a young man named Deshraj started making Dalmoth in his house.