New Delhi – Activities for promoting the Yoga Break protocol of the Ministry of AYUSH, which were suspended after the onset of the Covid-19 protocol, have been resumed with effect from today. This five minute protocol is intended to introduce people at the work place to Yoga, and also to help them to take a break from the work schedule and to refresh and re-focus.

Yoga is an ancient Indian discipline intended to bring balance and well being of individuals to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Due to change in working habits, particularly on computer and continuously sitting for long hours majority of work force is feeling work stress. Such stress may decrease the focus at work which may further hamper their efficiency and effectiveness.

Ministry of AYUSH in association with MDNIY developed 5 minutes yoga break protocol to de-stress, refresh and re-focus the workers at the work place in 2019. The protocol which was developed by a group of eminent Yoga experts contains a few stretching Yoga practices including Tadasana, Kati Chakrasana, etc. and Nadisodhana Bhramari Pranayama and Dhyana. The protocol was initially launched on trial basis in January 2020 and was found to be effective, based on an analysis of feedback of participants.

Ministry of AYUSH resumed the demonstration and practice the Yoga Break (Y-Break) Protocol today at the AYUSH Bhavan. and MDNIY campuses in New Delhi. Taking account of the currently prevailing health emergency, additional emphasis was laid on breathing exercise (pranayama), in view of its effectiveness in increasing the lungs capacity. The demonstration and training will continue for ten minutes daily in the lawns of AYUSH Bhavan and participants from various offices in the vicinity have enlisted to join the same. Strict adherence to the norms of social distancing and other guidelines of the government are being ensured. Ministry of AYUSH will extend this facility free of cost to the staff & officers of various offices situated in GPO Complex, INA, New Delhi in the coming weeks.