Agra – Movement of monkeys to cities is a problem not only in the cities of India but also in many countries of the world like Japan, Thailand, South Africa etc. Monkeys have long been a special attraction in temples and tourist destinations around the world. These are considered intelligent animals. They previously lived away from urban centres, confining themselves to the edge of large cities. But deforestation, cattle farming, industrialization and rapidly growing cities have made habitat for monkeys difficult. For this reason many species of monkeys are finding shelter in cities for food, shelter and water.

Before monkeys had long lived around temples, where they were often preserved. From these temples he used to visit the nearby forests regularly. But urbanization has depleted the forest surrounding the temple, due to which monkeys are settling in the cities. Is. In search of new food sources, they raid farms, beg for food, and steal from homes and businesses. Urban areas provide monkeys with shelter, food, water and easy access to large trees, leading to population explosions. Telephone and electric wires give them easy access to entire urban forests. Monkeys are now in abundance like squirrels in many cities of Asia. They roam railway stations, begging on roadsides, digging dustbins and stealing food from humans.