Most of the Indian cities appear to be quite unsafe for the pedestrian population. Sadly, Indian roads are never designed with priority given to pedestrian safety. Usually a small area is allotted for pedestrians on the roads which is left after the construction of the road. There is no space for pedestrians on most of the roads.Pedestrians walking on the road are always at risk of being hit by an overtaking vehicle, speeding or the driver being distracted. Some underground routes have been made in Delhi’s Connaught Place, but they are closed at night from the point of view of security. There is a lack of zebra crossing on the roads everywhere. It has been observed that the traffic lights on the roads of most of the cities are mostly in bad condition.
Risk of crossing safely because, vehicles in India neither stop nor give way to pedestrians. Sometimes, even pedestrians have to jump over the boundary between two roads to cross, as there is no infrastructure available at many places. If you are elderly, this gymnastics can land you in the hospital.