Many people throw away old photos but later they have to repent. The India Office Photograph Collection of the British Library London has the largest collection of photographs from India and Pakistan and other parts of Asia since 1850 with approximately 250,000 old photographs. Old photos of Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal, Sikkim, Burma (Myanmar) and China can also be seen in these photos. Lala Deen Dayal’s photographs of Agra are remarkable in this museum. The British Library continues to add old photographs as they become available.
These photos have been collected from the personal collections of administrators, travelers and other private individuals. The history of the British in India has a particularly good collection.From Lala Deen Dayal to Friedrich Fiebig, Linnaeus Tripp, John Murray, Felice Beato, Robert and Harriet Tytler, Samuel Bourne, Edmund David Lyon, photographs of great photographers can be seen here.