Prayagraj – It is said that you should use a hammer so heavy that it is effective in hitting you, which can change the shape of even iron. Many awareness campaigns are run, but such a procession as happened in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, is rarely taken out anywhere. Here, a unique farewell procession was taken out by the Water Works Department, Municipal Corporation Prayagraj on Khushru Bagh Leader Road. This was ‘Plastic Ki Vidai Yatra’, which was taken out under Swachhta Pakhwada – Swachhta Hi Seva. This way of motivating people to bid farewell to plastic may have been full of sarcasm, but the matter was very serious and the objective was very noble. The message given in satire attracts the attention of more and more people, this is the reason why Prayagraj Municipal Corporation adopted this method.
Now the question will come in mind that what is special in the plastic farewell procession, then brother, all types of farewell processions are organized, sometimes in political rallies, even the dead body of a living person is taken out as a form of protest. Well, till now you must have seen or heard about the ban of plastic, action and recovery against it, challan on the use of banned plastic or awareness campaign motivating people to say ‘no to single use plastic’. . But, in all cases plastic is inanimate, that is to say, not alive. It may be surprising to hear, but plastic was seen alive in the farewell march organized in Prayagraj. Many things were unique in this unique farewell journey, because here Plastic was not only alive but was also seen to be of very scary and violent nature, who also had a sword in his hand.