Agra- There is a saying that the people of Agra do not wake up without eating Kachori, Bedai and Jalebi along with one kullad chai . Many times people look tense or angry, then someone or the other says that friend, you did not eat kachori or bedai today. Agra is a city where people rarely hesitate to criticize their city, but they are very fond of their city. The morning breakfast here gives vigor to the people here. People here who are fond of Kachori and Bedai, whether they are local leaders or journalists, do not want to miss any meeting because they know that the breakfast will be good. The special thing is that the taste of breakfast in every shop is different. Many people coming from outside say that the bedai and jalebi of Agra have so much power that it works as a medicine for every kind of problem of the people here.