Pollution in Indian rivers is a very complex problem. Whether it is Yamuna or Ganga, it does not seem easy to win over pollution. Every human process produces waste. There is no one major source of pollution and hence how is it possible to take one big action to stop all. If seen, the sad thing is that our cities do not have adequate waste water treatment facilities. Even if there are in many places, they do not work. In other words, it can be said that the waste coming out of the houses is going directly into the river. If every city has enough facilities, wastewater can be converted into very good reusable and recyclable water. But for this every municipal corporation should have sufficient funds. Industrial waste also plays a major and biggest role in polluting the rivers. This untreated waste is secretly released into the river. It cannot be monitored 24 hours. Solution, industries should make Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), which means they should treat their waste water and reuse it completely.