Agra – The history of shoe Industry in Agra is very old. After the establishment of Mughal rule in India in 1526, Agra was also one of the important centers of trade like Delhi, Srinagar and Lahore. The food spices etc were imported from far flung places by the Mughals. Asafoetida was used extensively in Mughlai cuisine. Asafoetida in Agra was imported from Afghanistan and Iran that time. Asafoetida was brought packed in leather containers called mushak. Once the masks were used, they were thrown away. Local craftsmen soon realized that these leather bags could be used to make shoes. Thus started the footwear industry in Agra. Even today, one of the main markets for footwear in the city is known as ‘Hing ki Mandi’, which has more than 500 shops.