New Delhi – A third vaccinne, Russia’s Sputnik V has been approved for emergency use in India from the Drugs Controller General of India (DGCI).
The government has accepted the Covid-19 National Task Force’s recommendation to authorise foreign-produced Covid-19 vaccines which have been granted emergency approval by the US, UK, EU, Japan and WHO-listed agencies.

As a result of which, the pre conditions of Clinical Trials for a foreing vaccine existed before for Emergecny Use Authorisation has been done away with. This will make the availability of vaccines become faster.

Speaking about the unprecedented surge of demand for Remdesivir injection, being seen in the coutnry he pointed out that, “ Remdesivir is only for hospitalised people and who are on oxygen support. There is no question of use of Remdesivir in home set up. The drug shud be supplied only to hospitals; not to patietnts or chemists. There shud be rational use of this drug” he reminded. He also mentioned that doctors or physicaians should striclty follow this and should not prescribe the same for for mild cases, which will be unethical to do so.