New Delhi – In pursuance of the Centre’s strategic and graded TEST, TRACK and TREAT approach, India is registering continuous progress on the recovery front and reduction in the fatality rate. In the past five months, more than 3/4 of COVID-19 cases have recovered and less than 1/4 is active now.

The Union Government has adopted a graded and evolving strategic response to COVID management in India within the larger evolving global context. The early focus on surveillance and contact tracing through house-to-house survey was continuously strengthened with increase in testing for ensuring early identification of positive cases. This has ensured prompt isolation of the confirmed positive cases either in supervised home care for the mild and moderate cases, and hospitalisation in case of those who are exhibiting critical symptoms.

The Centre has led the country-wide response and management with steady ramping up of the hospital infrastructure through the three tiered Dedicated COVID facilities- Dedicated COVID Hospitals (DCHs) with ICU bed, ventilators etc., for critical care management; Dedicated COVID Health Centres (DCHCs) with oxygen beds and doctor on call facility; and COVID Care Centres (CCCs) with isolation beds. As on date, the country has 1723 DCH, 3883 DCHC and 11,689 CCC with a total of 15,89,105 isolation beds, 2,17,128 oxygen supported beds and 57,380 ICU beds. Effective treatment of the positive cases has resulted in a progressively dipping Case Fatality Rate, which is pegged at 1.82% today.