Born in Kanpur, Pt Yugal Kishore Shukla devoted his entire life religiously to Hindi journalism and social commitments. He understood the values ​​of journalism and he considered journalism to be public welfare. The country’s first Hindi newspaper “Udant Martand” was published by Shri Yugal Kishore Shukla from Kolkata on May 30, 1826. It was a weekly paper, published every Tuesday and costing only Rs 2 a year. It continued to be published for a year and seven months. The Hindi speaking people of Kolkata did not take any interest in the weekly, as was expected, due to which it had to stop publication on 4 December 1827. Yugal Kishor always used to say that information is very beneficial for the society. He believed that journalism is not a business. Journalism becomes meaningful only when social concerns are strong in journalism. He said that journalism neither favors nor favors anyone. Journalism is only for public interest.