The locals of ancestral village Thulasenthirapuram celebrated victory of Kamala Harris in Tamil Nadu celebrated by bursting crackers and distributing sweets, even as special prayers were held at the local temple, in which state food minister R Kamaraj participated. Villagers gathered on roads in large numbers carrying the photos of Harris and handmade signs. Hundreds of digital banners have been put up in the area. Politicians cutting across party lines distributed sweets to the people.

Her grandfather Sh P V Gopalan moved out of Thulasenthirapuram village as a young man and took up a job in the British government service. Her grandmother Rajam belonged to the nearby Painganadu village.

Arulmozhi, a councillor representing Mannargudi panchayat union, wished Kamala will one day pay a visit to our village after assuming office and we are eagerly waiting to shake hands.