You must have seen the performance of Kathputlis dancing on the nimble fingers of the artist. These puppets are danced by the artist in front of an enthralled audience with vibrant colors, sharp facial features, deft movements, screeching voices and whistles in a typical traditional avatar.

Putli Bhat were the first people to discover this art. These were basically tribes of Rajasthan who used to travel to different villages with their self-made puppets and used to entertain the huge population and earn their livelihood. Gradually this art gained popularity in the royal houses of Rajasthan. Gradually the Bhat community settled in different states and puppets became a means of entertainment for the royal courts. He got a lot of respect and appreciation for his work from the kings and queens of the royal courts.
The Maharajas of Rajasthan were fond of art and entertainment, due to which puppet dance flourished at that time. The specialty of this puppet dance was that it was not only a means of entertainment but also imparted social and moral education to the society.